B.A.R.N. What had started out as an unofficial group page for Baofeng Radios is now, what we would like to call the (BEST AMATEUR RADIO NETWORK)
It is members like those in our group who makes our group the best amateur radio page on facebook.

Our page was created with the purpose to unite all amateur radio enthusiasts who share the same passion and interest for Baofeng Radios and the radio communication hobby.

Our diverse group of members are composed of many amazing people; those who are just starting out newbies all the way to those who have been around for many years whom we like to refer to as our "online elmers"

There are tons on information and a wealth of resources contributed by our members for anyone looking for an answer in regards to the radio communication hobby. And... if you can't find one, don't hesitate to post, as there are many who would be happy to assist.

B.A.R.N. is a FREE membership group and anyone interested is welcomed to join. There is absolutely no fees, dues, or obligation to purchase anything. Just drop on by and click join on facebook :)